Green Book Review

Green Book is a depiction of the true life story of Dr. Don Shirley who was a piano virtuoso. He went on a tour of the south during Jim Crow to try to make a difference. For this trip he hires someone to drive and protect him through this journey. He hired Tony “Lip” who is known in the circles of gangsters as being a bit of a con artist and thug. The two unexpectedly become friends on the journey that will test and challenge them.

This movie depends on the performances of the two main characters and Viggo Mortenson and Mahershala Ali deliver. The script goes about how you would expect for these racially charged period pieces. It isn’t particularly shocking or powerful as we have all seen this before in other films of this kind. It is yet another little known story of resistance to remind us all of the horrors of the Jim Crow era which I hope we never forget and never repeat. Green Book is a light bit of entertainment with a reminder of the consequences of falling into the same traps and rhetoric of the past that keep cropping up.