Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

Wreck-It Ralph was a pleasant surprise when it first came out. Now comes the sequel that opens with a new “game” being plugged in called WiFi. The internet has just come to the old arcade.¬†Vanellope von Schweetz wishes for more variety in her game and a new challenge. Ralph tries to help by creating a new track which results in the wheel on Vanellope’s game breaking. The kids in the arcade find a replacement part on the internet, but the arcade owner can’t afford it. So, Ralph and Vanellope go on a grand adventure into the internet to get the replacement part and save her game.

The charm of Wreck-It Ralph has worn thin behind a rather lackluster script in this 2nd offering. There are some parts that are entertaining, but it falls well short of the original’s overall greatness. Part of the problem has to do with the main narrative choice in this version. This is an animated film for children based on video games, yet for some reason they chose a script that is… well.. sad. I was in tears almost as often as I laughed, which for a movie like this is not a good thing. The way it blatantly berates the film’s main character makes you feel bad for him as well. Toy Story 3 and The Lego Movie did sad in the way it should be for these type of films. It may be sad, but at the end everything is resolved and you feel good. This one botches the recovery and you still feel kind of down at the end. I will say that the full scene with the Disney Princesses is a classic, but they throw it away for the most part in the preview. The film is still entertaining, but don’t go in with high expectations considering how good the original was. If you do then you will be disappointed.