The Girl Caught in the Spider’s Web Review

Lisbet Solander is back to hack into the lives of men who abuse women. This time she is hired to hack into the NSA to retrieve a program called Firewall that the programmer claims was being used for unintended purposes. Lisbet obtains the program by out hacking another hacker with the NSA. Now he is chasing her. A mysterious group then breaks into her place and steals the program from her. It has the capability of taking over missile systems around the globe. Now she must figure out who took the program, how to get it back, and how to avoid the NSA and the authorities while doing so.

The series of books was taken over by a new author and this is the first movie based off of that author’s work. In fitting reboot style they also employed a new cast with mixed results. Foy is an upgrade on the title character, but a lot of the more minor characters were downgraded. The story in this one is more action oriented and cinematic, but glosses over the technical aspects of Lisbet’s occupation. Instead of the nuanced and twisting storylines of the first 3 books and the movies based off them, this one is a much more straightforward tale.

The Girl Caught in the Spider’s Web ends up being a decent action movie with some light entertainment value. It doesn’t live up to the other films in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series though. It is a new direction for the franchise, but it feels like at least one step in the wrong direction.

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