Overlord Review

Paratroopers are being flown into Nazi occupied France as part of the initial invasion on D Day. Their Mission is to take out a radio tower that is jamming communications in the area. The tower is set up in a church in the middle of a small town. Only a few survive the original insertion with the anti-aircraft gunfire ripping their plane to shreds. When they arrive at the Nazi base they find another disturbing reason to complete the mission.

Overlord tries very hard to present itself as a B movie grindhouse treat. Similar to Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror it has zombies and a vague military angle, but even though the presentation is pure grindhouse, this is no grade B film. The script, acting, special effects, etc. are all that of a true Hollywood A level film. This turns what could have been a great mash up guilty pleasure kind of film into something a bit less than what it could have been. The problem is that it takes itself too seriously. All of the opportunities where the film could have gone over the top in true grindhouse fashion, it instead presents them with an ominous sense of gravity. This turns the film into a straight horror/action film.

I did enjoy this film as it is very well done for a Nazi/zombie horror flick. The opening scene where they are flying in is worth the price of admission by itself. Overlord is an intense and visceral ride that all fans of horror should enjoy. If only the filmmakers hadn’t been afraid to let the film go bigger and bolder, then it could have been a true classic.