Nobody’s Fool Review

Danica has her life figured out. She has a great job, good friends, and a boyfriend who says all of the right things. The problem is that she hasn’t ever met him in person. Their entire relationship has consisted of phone conversations and text messages. Insert her sister, Tanya, who just got out of jail. She decides to get to the bottom of things with this mystery man. It turns out that he may be catfishing her and isn’t actually the man he seems like in their conversations. The mission of revenge commences.

Tiffany Haddish makes this movie by sheer force of will. She is all the way over the top with her reactions, but somehow she manages to make it feel like that is normal. Without her this would be a ho hum run of the mill Tyler Perry film. There are some nice twists in the story that are a hallmark of Tyler Perry scripts. The issue I have with most Tyler Perry films is that the side characters are almost always more interesting than the main characters. This one is no different. I was rooting for anyone other than Danica and Charlie. Another hallmark is the character with a dark past that has learned and grown who inserts all of the wisdom needed to push the film forward. It all ends up feeling very by the numbers.

Even though it is a typical Tyler Perry film, it is one of his better ones. Letting Haddish run rampant throughout the film makes the bland main characters tolerable. In the end this is an entertaining film. If you enjoy the Tyler Perry formula then you will enjoy this one. I must admit that his films are not usually my cup of tea, I feel like they would be more at home on the Hallmark channel, but this one was a pleasant surprise for me. I enjoyed it for what it was, a light bit of entertainment.