Halloween Review

Michael Myers is a serial killer that has been terrorizing his sister Laurie Strode for decades. The series has been going for 40 years, so there is a lot of lore in the story that I could bring up, but I want to talk about the most recent one. Laurie has spent the past 20 years since the events of H20 preparing for her inevitable next confrontation with Michael. She hopes for him to escape, so she could end the cycle. A pair of investigative journalists from overseas obtain the original mask that Michael used and go to visit him. It triggers Michael to give a slight reaction. He is set to be transferred from the mental healthcare maximum security facility to a normal prison the next day. Within the course of the transfer he escapes to terrorize once again.

This film harkens back to the time of the original Halloween slasher films. Fans of those Halloween classics will enjoy this new entry to the series. Jamie Lee Curtis does a great job as Laurie Strode which is such a complex character to play. She is vulnerable yet strong, brave yet deathly afraid. Judy Greer does a good job as the daughter, and is responsible for the best sequence in the film right at the end. Myers is his usual stalking self that is capable of scaring and surprising his victims through stealth and his uncanny ability to show up behind them.

If you enjoy slasher films or want a dose of nostalgia for the 80’s Halloween movies then this one is for you. It will go down as being a worthy conclusion to the tale, but I could see them potentially opening it up for another sequel. If this film makes enough money then you know they will make another although I don’t see how they could come up with a better ending.