A Star Is Born Review

Jackson Maine is a superstar a bit past his prime who is on tour. After a show he goes on the road to the next stop on the tour, but there is a problem. He is out of alcohol. He stops at the nearest bar to find it has a drag show, but that doesn’t put him off as the bar still serves alcohol. One of the performers captivates him with her voice and he asks her for a drink afterwards. He gives her some advice and their unlikely romance begins there.

Bradley Cooper is utterly charming in this remake which isn’t surprising. Lady Gaga, however, shows that she is quite capable in her role as well. She captures all of the uncertainty we all can feel when thrust into the spotlight unexpectedly. Their romance is quite believable. The premise that Gaga is too ugly for studio execs seems crazy though. Their relationship and trials as the movie progresses can be engrossing at times. Her career is just beginning to take off and that can put a strain on things and it doesn’t help that Cooper’s character has demons of his own that he has to battle.

A Star Is Born is an interesting romance flick with lots of drama. The characters are interesting and mostly realistic. The movie relies on the performances of Cooper and Gaga which are very good more often than not. Their chemistry on screen is undeniable. In the end this is one of the better romance/dramas I have seen lately. The movie is a bit sad though, so if you don’t want to cry then you might want to avoid this one. It just underlines the power of the story.