The Meg Review

The Meg follows a crew of underwater exploration scientists who are exploring a deep trench in the ocean that they believe may be deeper than what is currently accepted as the maximum depth. They send an exploration submarine down and it pushes through a membrane that separates the larger ocean above and a patch of warmer water that has not been explored. They find to their delight that the area is teeming with life. Something large attacks the submarine and now the crew of 3 inside are trapped at the bottom. Jason Statham plays a character that has run rescue missions before at that depth and also encountered something large and unexplained. They decide to call him in to save the day. Of course it ends up being a megolodon that is causing all the ruckus. That pesky shark!

Statham gives his usual action film performance which can be entertaining to watch. He does manage to dominate the action sequences and does an adequate job everywhere else. Li Bingbing is the one that brings most of the charm to the pedestrian script. If not for her and some of the excellent work by some of the other supporting actors, most notably Winston Chou and Sophia Cai, this film would have ended up being your average action film with a shark. Instead it has a bit of charm and is an enjoyable experience if not a very profound one.

The marketing campaign made me feel like this would be a camp-fest, almost like a melding of Jaws and Sharknado. While there are a few humorous moments, the campiness I was expecting was non-existent. The film still has its charms and could be a bit of afternoon fun if you are a fan of Statham. Don’t go in expecting much as this is a film you can enjoy for the moment, but easily forget soon after.