Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is a live action Winnie the Pooh movie. That is the best way that I can describe the movie. It follows Christopher Robin who has now grown up and has a family of his own. Unfortunately he has forgotten the lessons he learned from Winnie, Eeyore, Tigger, and crew. Winnie awakens in the 100 acre forest where he lives to find all of his pals to be gone. He then seeks out the adult Christopher Robin to help.

The film captures the essence of each character from the original material in a way that book to film adaptations rarely get right. The whimsical nature of Pooh, the exuberance of Tigger, the defeatism of Eeyore… they are all captured perfectly. The special effects that animate each old stuffed animal only adds to the charm of it. It also adds a fragility that makes you feel that at any moment Christopher Robin could wake up from this hallucination and the stuffed animals would simply fall limp. Just like the fragility of a childlike imagination that can easily be lost in the day to day shuffle of adulting. Pooh by far is the star of the film. The bear’s charm is undeniable and his Confucious-like logic is something of a revelation.

Christopher Robin is the type of magical family movie that you almost exclusively see from Disney. Even for a Disney movie this is a cut above, and ranks up there as possibly one of the best movies they have ever made. Let that sink in… the studio that made classics like Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Alladin, Cinderella, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Frozen, *insert loads of the best animated films of all time*… and this could be better than many of those films. That means you need to grab your family and go see this film. You can thank me later.

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